I’ll admit it, I’m a geek.  In high-school, I would have died of embarrassment had anyone even so much as suggested such a thing, but time marches on.  I’m a full grown adult now.  Who cares what the crowd thinks!

Anyway, cool apps, tools, and tech resources are a serious weakness of mine.  On any given day, I can be found scouring the Internet in search of practical, applicable, useful tools to make my life/work easier.  Phew.  I discover so many, I thought I’d start sharing a few with you.

This week, I came across Pocket – a super easy content capturing app.  By adding a simple button to my browser, I can save just about anything to read  later.  No complicated downloads, bookmarking, and no cumbersome filing required.  I just click, capture, and save online content to read later  – on computer, tablet, or smart phone.

I’m always encountering  interesting articles, blog posts, and videos I’d like to revisit, but I also try desperately not to get distracted while working.  With Pocket, I just save it for later, and get back to business.  And, I can return to my Pocket dashboard from any device – which is perfect for when I’m stuck waiting somewhere, just putting in time.  Think: portable digital reading pile.

The dashboard is simple and intuitive, and empowers me me to filter, organize, and clear out the archives easily.  I can search by tag, sort by file type, and even bulk delete if need be.  I’m just getting started, but apparently, this app integrates well with all the usual suspects, meaning I can save stuff through Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube among others.

Best of all, Pocket organizes my content in tile view – which is perfect for visual types like me.  I’m a big fan of Pinterest for the same reason, but am persnickety about my pins because I don’t want to mess up my Pinboards with less-that-pretty blog posts, infographics, or articles.  So, from now on, I’ll be ‘Pocketing’ these!

To sum up?  Pocket is one super-cool digital tool.

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