Now that the festivities have wound down, the bows and ribbons have been wrapped up, and the novelty of lights twinkling through snow covered treetops has worn off, the hard part starts.  That’s right, it’s winter.  Just plain cold winter.

Now this girlaboutotown has never been a big fan, but over the years, I have made a concerted effort to find ways to get through.  My age, stage, and business prevent me from moving to a more temperate climate for the frigid months – so I am forced to make the best of it.  Each year brings a different set of strategies, some successful and others not so much.  Thankfully though, and inevitably, spring eventually comes.

Last year, we managed to sneak to the beach for a week in March, but this year the fella and I have decided to stay put.   We might take the little girlaboutOtown skiing or skating some afternoon, but coastal walks and seaside bike rides just aren’t in the picture.  Instead, we’ll be hunkering down at home.

So, when I recently came across this quote by renowned American  dancer and choreographer Twyla Tharp, I was pretty excited, to say the least.  In the space of a moment, I had stumbled upon this year’s winter survival strategy.  And, it’s a good one, especially for a decorator/design geek like me!

“Art is the only way to run away without leaving home.”

Amen!  Not only can the presence of a painting or photograph on your wall temporarily transport you somewhere far away, so too can the experience of creating a work of art, no matter how amateur.  For years, I’ve imagined a sun-filled studio, cluttered with canvases and paint – but put off the necessary practical steps.

No more.  I’ve decided to enroll in a painting class at the community centre just down the street.   I’ll also continue to play with my new camera.  Photography is creative, so it counts too.    And, if all goes well, I’d love to bring it all together on my salon-style gallery wall.  Stay tuned.

Winter might just pass painlessly this year, we’ll see.

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