#girlaboutOtown's new moodIf you’ve been a regular reader, you know how things around girlaboutOtown tend to shift and evolve over time. Well, today is no different.  Today, I’m drawing your attention to girlaboutOtown’s new look, in honour of the new year.

What started as some minor tweaking last fall turned into a total ‘brand overhaul’, inspired by my post/bonus pdf on graphic design, and a strong desire to express a more authentic personal style.  I’ve been fine tuning ever since, so this is what is sometimes known as a ‘soft-launch’!   Anyway, once started – it was hard to stop – so I’ve been slowly making improvements to the site while slightly increasing the number of posts.    The changes feel great, I must say!

After several years of blogging, and loads of learning by experience, this girlaboutOtown is really glad to be back at it on a more regular basis.  I truly enjoy curating and developing interesting content, and I love the creative process of writing and designing cool posts.  Most of all, I adore the personal connection I feel with readers and am grateful for the friends I’ve made.

So, while I still have much to do behind the scenes, here’s a snapshot of what I hope you may have already noticed:

An updated header and colour palette. What can I say…I was growing tired of pink!  I still love the colour, but I prefer it in the form of fresh flowers – my favourite being peonies, of course.  For me, there is no better combination than navy, red, and sea blue with touch of shiny brass, and these surround me from my closet to the couch!  Yes, my moodboard may look a lot like home, but at least I’m consistent!  I might have a modernist mindset, but my tastes really do lean towards the traditional.  I’m a sucker for the classics, and these core aesthetic values have finally been incorporated into the blog.

A cleaner, less cluttered sidebar.  There is still room for improvement here, but I’ve decided not to wait any longer.  On the list to add are a few pretty navigation buttons to help you find your way around almost 5 years of content, and better looking links to my TwitterFacebook, and shameless addiction/Pinterest feeds.

New ‘About’ and ‘Work With Me’ pages. Resist.  Resist.  Resist.  Embrace.  Typically, that’s how I roll.  The changes I most fiercely resist are those most likely to be of significant benefit.  So too with this blog.

Since setting out on my own, I’ve been conflicted.  Torn between building a business and writing a blog.  How could I possibly do both, when the two require such enormous commitment and there are bills to pay?  Well, these new pages explain.  First, I’m inviting contributions from readers who can cover interesting subjects much better than me.  Second, I’m integrating more content that is related to my work – and third – I’m completely transparent about the several ways I earn a living.  I’m extremely fortunate to love what I do, so I’m comfortable sharing it with you.  If you’d like my professional help, you know what to do, and if not, keep reading anyway. You have nothing to lose!

A super-smart, style-savvy target community.  Even though I’ve blogged about everything from car shopping to tech tools, it has become increasingly clear who is reading, and why.  girlaboutOtown can’t really be categorized, and I prefer it that way – it isn’t a fashion blog or an events listing, and I really don’t do food reviews.  Instead, it’s a place where powerhouse Ottawa women come for a main course of relevant local information, served with a side of lifestyle inspiration.  You, like me, are busy professionals and parents, with important plans, active ambitions, and seriously limited time.  So, I’m writing and editing with you in mind.

A new mantra.  After much consideration, I’ve managed to distill my philosophy into a few short words. Simple perhaps, but plump with meaning.  Not only do these words guide my blogging, they express my profoundest personal goals.  Live well, learn more, lead change.  That’s my mantra, and I’m sticking to it.

Welcome.  Come on in.  Take a look around, and make yourself comfortable.  We’ve got some catching up to do!

Moodboard by me.  
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