Diary-January-2013I have no idea why, but I always get it into my head that January will be a quiet month.  Maybe it’s because of the snow, or because I’m ready for a holiday following the holidays, but for some reason I seem to get it wrong. It hasn’t been quiet at all.  Instead, the month has flown by, and I’ve barely had a chance to catch my breath.  The good news is winter is well underway, which means springtime will be hear soon.

Anyway, here’s a rundown on where the time went!

♦  The fella and I ‘snuck’ out to the spa the evening of December 23 for a little R&R.  We’d never been to Le Nordik, North America’s largest Scandanavian spa, but we thoroughly enjoyed our trip.  While I’m still not convinced about cavorting around in the snow wearing nothing but a bathing suit, flip flops, and a semi-frozen robe, I may have been converted to the night time sauna/hot soak experience.   Plus, from what I could see through the fog on my glasses, it was incredibly pretty!  So, I’m including it on my list of this month’s highlights.

♦  It was inevitable, I suppose.  The month began with the whole family being flattened with the flu.  ‘Nuff said.

♦  I’m still tinkering away, but I’m so happy to have started the new year with a fresh new look for the blog.

♦  I confess I’ve been on a bit of a gadget buying bender this past while, as the tools I’d been using were way out of date.  In addition to my fancy-pants DSLR and a super-duper new  desktop computer, I finally folded and added an IPad to my pile of use-daily devices. For a blogger/designer/Realtor like me, an upgrade was long over due, and I’m totally motivated by new creative possibilities!

♦  And, speaking of creativity, the fella and I finally decided it was time for a website redesign.   Our brokerage site is currently under construction, and its replacement is going to be very cool indeed.   For now, let’s just say it’s shaping up to be much different than most real estate sites you see!

♦  Ambitiously, we also agreed to some serious home improvement projects, completed just last week.   Why? Well, we had a professional photographer here to snap several hundred photos of our space.  Hint, hint:  the above noted website redesign project may be related….Oh, and stay tuned to the blog for more of a tour!

♦  In other news, my favourite personal project, the non-profit design agency I co-founded took a leap forward this month.  Neighbourhood Refresh finalized and launched our new logo, designed by Lissa Constantine of Birddog Design.  Pro-bono, of course!  I’ll post soon to fill you in more, but in the meantime, find us on Facebook and follow along!

♦   Kudos to the brave people at the Canadian Museum of Nature!  Throwing open their doors, offering drinks, and making way for a major dance floor was incredibly bold, even if the lines were long and the night cold.   A crazy idea the likes of #NatureNocturne might be de rigeur in a place like New York, LA or even Toronto, but this is Ottawa, a town most famous for its aversion to risk.  With four storeys of marble stairs, several bars serving alcohol, and an important collection of priceless artifacts –  the potential for an actual disaster was very real.   Add an unexpected onslaught of boozy bon vivants, and even the most enthusiastic party go-er should have expected a few logistical issues the first time out.   In the face of legitimate liabilities, the long lines and awkward coat check are minor points, well within museum organizers’ power to address at future events. The fella and I had a very fine time, and are grateful to the Museum for enabling our experience.  From my grown up girlaboutOtown perspective, #NatureNocturne  is a party with real potential.  Plus, let’s face it, turning a nationally significant public institution into a nightclub takes serious guts, and this kind of leadership should be celebrated!

♦ Last weekend was kid-free, and we were feeling kind of beat.  So, the fella and I went out to dinner and a movie, for a comfortable treat.   We decided on The Hobbit, and settled in for almost three hours of visual intensity. Whoa.  What can I say?  I was on the edge of my seat.

Happy February!

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