Today, the fella and I are packing our bags for a quick weekend escape.  A winter road trip of sorts.   We’re not going far, but it still feels like an adventure.  I’m sure some fresh air and  change of scenery will do us good, and I’m genuinely looking forward to some time away from home.

I don’t know about you, but I find the February stretch particularly challenging.  While the days are starting to get longer again (thank god), they’re often gray and cold.

Rationally, I know full well I should be forcing myself to get outdoors to soak up sufficient Vitamin D. Unfortunately, every fiber of my body resists, and my instinct to stay warm is almost visceral. In my mind, an epic battle between good (get outside!) and evil (stay indoors!) rages all winter long, with the never-ending  self- recrimination taking it’s toll on my typically sunny disposition.   Add to this emotional drain the usual to-do’s, the permanent pile of wet boots, and windows I can’t open – and, well – let’s just call it cabin fever.

This weekend will be different.  I have promised myself a truce between the warring sides.

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