You may recall my mention of a winter getaway. The fella and I have been back for over a week now, but we’re still enjoying the after effects of the experience. Once recovered from the immediate shock of returning to regular life, we’ve had to fight off the urge to get away again. Wow. What a difference a day or two away can make!

If you remember, the weekend of February 22 was snowy. Very snowy. Just two short hours from here in Lac Supérieur, Mont Tremblant it was the same story. It didn’t matter though – we were away – and monotone gray is way better when in the woods.

We were graciously hosted by the folks at Côté Nord Tremblant. For two nights, we enjoyed the privacy and convenience of a luxury waterfront suite complete with gorgeous two-sided gas fireplace! It was contemporary in style, thoughtfully equipped, and very comfortable. So much so, it was tempting to never leave! Despite being just two, we had a full kitchen, dining for six, and a lovely sitting area with a view.



We arrived Friday night around supper, turned on the oven, and slipped our Red Apron specials in to cook. Out came the wine and on went the fire, and we spent the evening mellowing out in front of it’s warm glow.

There were no ambitious plans for the next day, no start time requirements, and nothing of significance on the ‘to do’ list. Instead, we slept in, enjoyed a bacon & egg breakfast, and snuggled up on the couch. And yes, the fire was still going strong.

After catching up on some reading, I decided it might be a good time to try my (not so new) camera. I’ve had it awhile now, but had not yet even cracked the manual. What better time to really dig in? Here I was on a quiet weekend escape, in the middle of a winter wonderland! So, I started taking shots inside, and eventually made my way outdoors. (I’ve shared a few of my favourites here!)



First, we went out on foot, exploring the roads around Lac Supérieur, peeking at ski chalets, and foraging for treats at the dépanneur.

We walked to Côté Nord’s Caribou Lodge and made a dinner reservation at their Restaurant de l’Auberge Caribou for later that evening, then returned to our suite for a snack. (Starting to see a theme?)



Once sufficiently suffoncified, we headed outdoors again this time with snowshoes, camera, and tripod in hand. The skies were still gray, and the snow swirled, but we were intrepid. Out on the lake we went, and onward we wandered. What a different perspective, looking from the middle inward towards the shore!




After awhile we grew weary, cold, and the skies started to darken. It was time to return to our cozy suite, the couch, and yes, the fire. Of course. More photos, wine, and some down time.

Then, it was off to dine at Restaurant de l’Auberge Caribou, where the atmosphere is sophisticated but relaxed, and the food carefully prepared. Our meals were divine! After dinner, we walked along the dark road and watched the snow continue to fall. It was a beautiful end to a great day.




Sunday started much the same, but check out loomed. Boo! We were so rested and relaxed, we were seriously reluctant to leave! It was clear we’d have to come back, perhaps another time of year.

Whether you’re in desperate need of some grown up time with your guy, contemplating a family getaway, or even a planning a gathering of good friends, Côté Nord Tremblant really is truly a great option. It’s close by and so easy to enjoy – in casual high-style.

Having concluded it would likely be destination genuine interest to readers of girlaboutOtown, I accepted an offer of two-nights accommodation from Côté Nord Tremblant. Depending on the season, suite rentals start at $145/night. Côté Nord Tremblant is accessible to many outdoor winter and summer activities, including Mont Tremblant Ski Resort, and provides guests the exclusive use of their Club de Pointe facilities. In addition to Restaurant de l’Auberge Caribou, take out and Chef en Chalet services are available. – Ed.

Photos by girlaboutOtown.

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