My design philosophy is simple:  be real.

The best homes are interesting and relaxed.  They comfort those who live within, and inspire both curiosity and conversation among those who visit. Rather than aesthetic perfection, ambiance is the goal, and personality takes priority.  They’re filled to the brim with clues about who lives there – whether its inherited furniture, carefully acquired art, or even a silly collection of childhood chotchkes – and they evoke a feeling of friendliness.

The result of careful observation, honest reflection, and practical actions, beautiful homes evolve over time. They as layered with meaning as they are with patterns or colours, and they resist rigid rules or short-lived trends.   Lasting satisfaction with home happens when problems are solved, there is a place for your things, and everyday living is easy.  Making things pretty is the easy part –  and really, this step requires more mindfulness than money.

There is no place where this philosophy is more true than in my own home.  It is a long way from perfect, but it does have personality, and it feels good to me.  I love how well it works for a party and the way the sun shines in all day long.  It’s wonderful to be able to see the street from my desk, and to hear the wind whistle through the pine tree in the breeze.

It’s been pieced together over the past few years with vintage treasures,  old family furniture, and bargain bin finds – along with some good ol’ fashioned elbow grease.  It’s always a work in progress – changing and improving as we do.  As my mother says,  “a good house is never done!”.   It’s cozy, and often cluttered with the stuff of life, but actually quite organized.  I can usually find what I need.  Most importantly though, my team of three is genuinely comfortable here, despite the frayed upholstery, the pet hair, and the messy front entry.

Today, I’m sharing photos few of my own home and taking you on a tour.  They were taken by my friend, photographer Aaron Rodericks.  Many moons ago, Aaron and I were colleagues, but we always had more to talk about than office politics.  Now I’m in real estate & design, he’s a pro photographer!  Anyway, he was kind enough to accept when the fella and I approached him about shooting our home for the redesign of our brokerage website. Malcolm and I wanted a web presence that would welcome visitors and help them get to know us – and we wanted to be real.

As a professional who regularly helps others situate and create home,  it’s a bit intimidating to open my own doors.  That said, I can’t think of a more authentic way to convey my thinking on the subject of home.   Some might find it a lot to look at, but hey, that’s just my style!  So, here we go:

















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Photography by Aaron Rodericks of AR Photography

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