Graphic designer, interior decorator, and accomplished painter Carrie Colton is passionate about the power of art to transform personal spaces.

As one of three principal designers at Ottawa’s renowned CKY Design Group, Carrie regularly helps clients incorporate fine art and create meaningful, functional, inspiring homes.

Free of pretension, she believes art doesn’t have to be expensive or ‘important’ to elevate one’s surroundings, it just has to be original.  It’s the effort, raw materials, and creative energy of the artist that generates the real impact, she explains. For Carrie, this elusive spirit truly brings a room to life.

Each individual piece is perceived differently, depending on the person looking.  An admirer who finds a work of art appealing enough to acquire and feature in their home is tangibly expressing visual clues as to who they are.

Carrie’s philosophy is manifested in her own art-filled home, a highly personal space she shares with her husband David.  A few weeks back, Carrie graciously opened her doors so I might glimpse inside and better understand her passion for fine art.

Their condo is a welcoming place, spare and sophisticated, with a distinct focus on the art.   Low-key simplicity presents the perfect backdrop for an impressive collection of works by artists from both Ottawa and beyond, but the space is completely down-to-earth and comfortable.

As we toured each room, Carrie’s expertise all with respect to things visual was matched equally by her enthusiasm.

Every work had it’s own story – artist, materials, source – and each story integrated with her own life seamlessly.  Not only was I learning the specifics about each particular piece, I was getting to know Carrie better in the process.

So, today I’m showing off  a bit of what I saw, but there is more to follow.  Over the weeks to come, Carrie will share her wisdom on the subject of art at home, and offer insightful tips for those wanting to incorporate more art at home.  Stay tuned.

Portrait courtesy of Carrie Colton.  Interior photography by Katharine Cornfield. 

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